Founded in 1972, Standard Cables aims to provide quality products and services to global markets of appliances, automotive, medical, and communications.

We concentrate on reliable designs, advanced manufacturing technologies to find innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers.

With all our products conforming to RoHS standards, Standard Cable continues to conserve energy, reduce waste, and develop greener ways of manufacturing.

Our high performance products and services have ensured us a steady growth into the future.

Thus, Standard Cable strives to become the leader in the wire and cable industry.


Corporation History:

  • 1972: Established the first manufacturing plant in Tainan, Taiwan, for producing rubber harness and insulating materials exclusively.
  • 1976: Taipei sales office
  • 1989: Second manufacturing plant in Tainan, Taiwan, expanding into rubber compound, wire, and cable.
  • 1993: Hong Kong sales office
  • 1994: Established manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China, for exclusively production of power supply cords and wire harness, which were 100% exported.
  • 1994: ISO 9002 quality certification
  • 2000: Expansion of Dongguan plant into producing PVC, electric wire, cable, and AWM
  • 2002: Obtained ISO9001:2008quality certification
  • 2003: Established the Sales headquarter in California, USA
  • 2008: ISO9001:2008 quality certification
  • 2009: Second manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China, for advanced automated machinery and active quality control equipment.  Production passed 3 million units monthly.
  • 2010: Mexico sales and engineering office
  • 2011: Suzhou sales and engineering office
  • 2013: Group-wide ERP system integration
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